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A video game fan at heart with a passion to share and endorse fellow community members.​ Through my experience as a Games Writer and a Community Manager, I've gained insights into what a gamer needs to be left satisfied. I know how important that feeling is and I wish to continue my work to improve the projects I'm passionate about.​ I'm putting my user-centered mindset to use through areas like Journalism, Marketing, Community Management, Social Media, SEO, and more.


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Many of my interests are related to video games but in different and unique ways. Starting by obviously playing games which is not only a fun pastime but also offers a player perspective on the industry and a specific product or a company.

From that experience, I become passionate to start making the things I enjoy better for others, in any way I can. Whether it is creating content or just involving myself in different gaming communities.


One of my nongaming interests would be motorsport and cars in general. Speed, power, and fierce competition is always exciting and is probably why I'm also invested in esports.

Work Ethic


I would describe myself first and foremost as passionate and engaged. I will bring new ideas to the table and collaborate with the team to improve the project I'm working on.

To get things done efficiently I've put time and effort into organizing my productivity workflow and mindset which revolves around the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) methodology. I have a set of apps that help me with that, including Notion, Google Calendar, and Todoist.

And although working in silence is great for focus, sometimes music and background noise can do miracles. This is why I have Spotify to YouTube always on stand-by with music for every occasion, from rock to Lo-Fi.


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Bachelor of Arts with Honours Esports, First Class (2020-2023)

In July 2023 I graduated from Staffordshire University with an award for Bachelor of Arts with Honours Esports, First Class.

To describe this course briefly, it's a mix of business, event management, and marketing studies linked to the video game industry. Throughout this course, I've been taught modules like Broadcasting, Event Planning and Strategy, Content Creation, and Analytics and Community Management.

My final year project was dedicated to esports and games marketing. The project consisted of two parts: a sector analysis in which I researched Riot Games and their content marketing approach, and a hypothetical event strategy in which I planned out the social media, content, and marketing strategy for a hypothetical Overwatch event.

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