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Community Manager - EspoWorld

Updated: Jan 5

Company: EspoWorld

Role: Community Manager

Period: November 2020 - February 2023

Employment type: Contract


What is EspoWorld?

EspoWorld, previously known as Espo, started as an esports fan engagement platform The platform allowed professional esports organizations to engage with their audiences through services including but not limited to Q&A sessions, coaching sessions, exclusive merchandise, and gaming sessions with fans. main page

In 2022, the company rebranded to EspoWorld and set out on a mission to create an esports metaverse sticking to the goal of creating a new way for fan engagement in the world of esports.

Metaverse - “The Metaverse: a persistent, live digital universe that affords individuals a sense of agency, social presence, and shared spatial awareness, along with the ability to participate in an extensive virtual economy with profound societal impact.” Karinna Nobbs (Co-CEO of The Dematerialised)

Kai Rui character teaser

EspoWorld was going to be an immersive virtual dimension with both 2D and 3D environments powered by NFTs for esports fans, organizations, and brands. To support the development of EspoWorld, the company also launched several internal projects that I was a part of like Suvabees.

As of February 2023, EspoWorld has stopped development due to unforeseen circumstances right before the launch of a core marketing campaign.

My role as a Community Manager

I started as an intern in November 2020 and then joined the team as a Community Manager. The following list were my core responsibilities as a Community Manager:

  • Engage with our community across different platforms including Discord, Twitter, and Instagram

  • Create informative and entertaining content for social media channels

  • Measure content performance and channel growth by reviewing engagement as well as collecting and reflecting on the community's feedback

The role of a Community Manager especially at a start-up company can be versatile and I was occasionally assigned tasks outside of core Community Manager responsibilities, including assisting with the company's marketing plans and providing insight into community sentiment and interest.

Community engagement

We engaged with the EspoWorld community through multiple platforms including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Discord. As a Community Manager, my goal was to ensure clear communication between the company and the people.

On our channels, we shared the latest news regarding esports and EspoWorld, general gaming events, and NFT developments, and ensured the community was up to date with everything relevant to the project.

EspoWorld Discord server

One of the key interaction platforms for EspoWorld was Discord where we collected the majority of user feedback, delivered fan engagement services, as well as hosted events including viewing parties and weekly challenges.

As a Community Manager, I was an established point of contact for the community in case questions arose or help was needed regarding the project.

Content creation

I assisted in creating content for EspoWorld's social media channels including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. The content posted was usually one of the following:

  • Graphic content (original infographics, news, quotes, announcements, etc.)

  • Video content (gameplay compilations, previews)

  • Curated content (from relevant social media channels)

I came up with a content idea as well as the first draft of the piece that was then polished in collaboration with the Head of Social and the Creative Team if needed.

Here are post examples published on EspoWorld Twitter:

Performance and growth

Throughout the active management of EspoWorld's social media channels, they have seen stable growth in community members. The following, are the numbers on EspoWorld's social media channels as of March 2022 (after that the team was redirected toward other projects)

  • Twitter: 1,069 followers

  • Discord: 600+ members

  • Instagram: 326 followers

  • YouTube: 129 subscribers, 4,080 views

  • TikTok: 34 followers, 11,220 views

Social media channels are sorted by priority, with Twitter and Discord being at the very top. Other channels were mostly complimentary. All social media channels started at a 0 follower count.

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