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Guides Editor - Gamezo

Updated: Apr 21

Company: Gamezo


Role: Guides Editor

Period: June 2022 - November 2022

Employment type: Part-time


Content Production

To facilitate the expansion of Gamezo I stepped into the role of a Guides Editor to find guide opportunities, collaborate with writers to ensure high-quality content as well as track the performance of published guides.

As a Guides Editor, I was the first point of contact for any writers that are working on guides for Gamezo, both new and experienced. With extensive experience in guide writing, I had a clear understanding of the quality and format requirements at Gamezo.

My job was to make sure all the content met these key requirements by making necessary changes or requesting writers to rewrite the guide:

  • Clear structure

  • Relevant content in internal and external links

  • Simple and easy-to-read language

  • Consistent formatting throughout the article

  • SEO optimization

  • Visually appealing, clear, and fitting images

For newer writers, we also prepared a "Guide Writer Wiki" that contains all the necessary information, resources, and tips required to make the best article in terms of content and SEO.

Gamezo Guide Writer Wiki

Idea/Keyword Research

There are always new games coming out and older ones reviving. With constantly shifting trends my responsibility was to look for new opportunities to create content. To find keywords I used the keyword tool identifying low-competition topics as well as analyzing what other outlets were working on:

Keyword research using Ahrefs

However, since the data can be inaccurate and outdated it was crucial to do extensive research and visit the SERP page for additional information.

Another way of getting fresh Google queries was by using autofill, especially if it's a newer game or topic that just appeared and wasn't shown in Ahrefs yet.

Google SERP

Performance Analysis

A few months after publishing the article it was reviewed using Google Analytics. There were a few key metrics to look at:

  • View count

  • Bounce rate

  • Time on page

View count. This highlighted the overall demand and interest in the keyword. If the view count was low the target keyphrase might have needed an adjustment, it was also possible the topic ended up being too competitive or had an overall lack of interest. If the view count was high there was an opportunity to expand on related topics.

Bounce rate. The bounce rate allowed us to understand whether the related topics were in fact demanded or not. Each article had a set of related articles that we encouraged readers to check out.

Time on page. Even though many readers skim through the articles and find information needed in under 30 seconds, longer times spent on the page indicated article formats that are worth using to keep the reader engaged.


Stepping into the Guides Editor role allowed Gamezo for a quicker expansion and faster content production. Throughout my work as a Guides Editor at Gamezo I:

  • Collaborated with a team of 10+ writers on content production ensuring time‑sensitive deadlines and quality standards

  • Overseen the production of more than 240 articles. Tracked their performance via Google Analytics and updated underperforming content

  • Found guide opportunities using Ahrefs and Google from existing and upcoming video games that generated an additional 150,000 views per month

  • Increased the average monthly viewership by 35%


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