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Games Writer - Gamezo

Updated: Jan 5

Company: Gamezo


Role: Games Writer

Period: April 2021 - September 2023

Employment type: Freelance


On this page, you will find only some examples of my work. But here are my profiles on both Gamezo and FPS Champion (commissioned articles) to see all my published articles.

My experience at Gamezo

Gamezo is a news website that covers the latest in gaming and esports. I started there as an entry-level esports news writer but the variety of articles I was writing expanded rapidly.

Throughout my time at Gamezo I've written 160+ articles of different categories:

  • Guides

  • Reviews

  • Opinions/Features

  • Esports/gaming news

I will get into the ways I write articles more in-depth further down the post, but here are the key things I learned as a Games Writer:

  • Clarity and consistency. Lots of online content is filled with fluff that's not interesting and engaging to read. I developed a writing style that is equally engaging and informative

  • SEO. Over 80% of the articles I wrote were SEO-driven with a set keyphrase. I learned to naturally optimize the article for the keyphrase while keeping things clear and concise

  • WordPress. Gamezo and many other news publications operate on WordPress CMS. I familiarized myself with both Classic and Block editors and am skilled with HTML tags required for additional formatting

  • Links and backlink profile. I learned the importance of linking in the online publishing industry and ensured all my articles had a solid link structure with both internal and external resources

Work examples

These are some of my well-performing articles published on Gamezo. The following images are clickable and will take you to the published post:

Results and achievements

All my articles combined generated over 416,000 views (according to Google Analytics as of January 9, 2023) which accounts for around 9% of all the views on the website at that time. This data will be consistently updated every quarter to ensure the information is relevant.

Google Analytics report on my articles

Writing a perfect article

The articles I wrote are always about games I played and enjoyed. It's a great way for me to share my gaming experiences and ensure the quality of the information in the article at the same time. Combining that with the research from what is currently ranking on SERP results in a solid outline of the article.

Each article had a set checklist:

  • Engaging and easy-to-read writing that follows Gamezo style guide

  • Related images and screenshots from games if applicable

  • Highlighted and formatted text (but not too much) for better readability

  • SEO and featuring snippet optimization (which may include multiple keywords for the same piece)

  • Internal/external links to relevant resources

  • Cover Image

Once the checklist was done the article was passed on to the site's editors and got published. If anything happens that is worth including in it (update, developer announcement), I revisited the article and updated it.

Cover image gallery

This is the gallery of a variety of cover images created for published articles on Gamezo and commissioned websites. They were created in Adobe Suite using a mix of custom, licensed, and free-to-use materials (fonts, backgrounds, logos, and press kits). These aren't all of them, the purpose of the gallery is to simply showcase different styles of cover images.


Several times I was commissioned to create articles for partner websites. As an example, FPS Champion is a website that specializes in first-person shooter games. For FPS Champion I created multiple Valorant guides with the same approach and the quality standard as for Gamezo while respecting the website's style guide.

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