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Metaverse Investor channel "Suvabees"

Updated: Apr 21

Suvabees was a "metaverse investor channel" launched as a project to go along with EspoWorld. Suvabees' goal was to develop a community of metaverse enthusiasts and people interested in learning more about this concept.

We had a set of social media channels to inform and educate the community members on the metaverse, its experiences, functionality, and potential, eventually leading them to EspoWorld.

I fulfilled the same role (Community Manager) in Suvabees as at EspoWorld, moderating our community, acting on feedback, and creating content for Suvabees' social channels including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Medium.

Video Content

Video and graphical content were the first kind of content I helped produce for Suvabees' Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok channels.

Videos posted were simply edited gameplay recordings taken within different metaverses, like Decentraland, The Sandbox, or 6259 OM, showcasing multiple experiences. The video below is a mini-intro to Suvabees created in Adobe Premiere Pro featuring some of that gameplay:

The core elements of the video are:

  • Background footage manually recorded from the metaverses

  • Text animations

  • Branded font and colors

More examples of video content can be found following the links below:

Written Content

To provide educational content for Suvabees community members, I wrote a series of articles that were published on the Suvabees Medium page.

The articles were aimed at the audience new to the metaverse space and taught fundamental information readers needed to know to expand their knowledge. That included basic definitions and concepts of the metaverse and Web 3, the technology the current metaverses are built on, user guides, companies involved in the development, etc.

Here are links to the articles published on Suvabees Medium:


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